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The 10 Laws of Salary Negotiations

I hosted a free 45 min online workshop on salary negotiations. Whether you're preparing for an upcoming job interview or aiming to negotiate your current salary, reviewing this session will be worth your time.

I covered some timeless principles that answer questions you may have about the whole hairy, opaque, and stressful process.

Questions like:

- When is the best time in the interview process to discuss your salary requirements?

- How do you get the best information so you are prepared for the conversation?

- Which points do they care about, and which points could they care less about?

- How hard should you negotiate, and how do you know when it's better to stop?

- What are all the elements beyond salary you should consider as you negotiate?

I can't guarantee you'll get a raise after watching this webinar, but I do think you'll feel much more confident about how the whole process works and be better able to advocate for yourself throughout the rest of your career.


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