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How to be Influential Beyond Your Job Title

I've always been interested in those who wield a lot of influence at work. In this video I (and my kids) talk about my observations of highly influential professionals. I see 5 common themes:

1. They rarely use titles: Influencers are are anti-name droppers. When making requests, they appeal to logic, persuasion, kindness, and accountability to get things done.

2. They always explain "why": This takes influencers longer than just asking someone to do something, but it's worth it. They recognize that people are smart, and that they need to understand the purpose behind requests do great work.

3. They get their co-workers to like them: They do this by jumping in and helping out where they are needed. This is especially true when they are starting a new position. Helpful people are likable people.

4. They demonstrate consistent behavior: They build respect by saying what they are going to do and doing what they say.

5. They are comfortable with surrendering control: They are firm on the what and why, but flexible on the how. Those who are firm on all three don't influence because deep inside they just want to do it themselves.


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